Pastoral Letter from Bishop Toal

20 th November 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope this finds you and all your families well. To those not so well, or recently bereaved, I offer the

prayerful support of our Diocesan community.

As we move into the three-week period of Tier 4 restrictions this evening, I offer a word of

encouragement as we strive to do our best to observe what is asked of us and to uphold the common

good of our fellow citizens.

With the grim death toll from the Covid-19 virus in Scotland now in excess of 5000, it is most important

that we are mindful of the need to limit the number of deaths, which have risen again in recent weeks,

and to support the steps taken to suppress the virus again and so protect human life.

I would hope that if I became seriously ill at this time because of the virus or any other ailment, I could