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New Parish Logo

A new logo has been created to represent our combined Parish of Sacred Heart & St Gerard. The logo will be used on our Parish website and social media channels, the weekly Parish Bulletin and on other Parish publications and correspondence.

Features of the logo:

- Cross - The new logo features a Cross, the symbol of our Christian faith. The cross is also closely associated with St Gerard Majella. In any image or statue of St Gerard he is always depicted holding a cross or crucifix, showing his closeness to Christ and willingness to suffer.

- Heart - At the heart of the logo is a heart representing the Sacred Heart of Jesus, patron of our Parish. This reminds us that at the heart of our parish and our lives should be Jesus Christ. Everything we do as a parish should give glory and honour to God and help build his kingdom on earth and share his love and good news with others in our community.

- Eucharist - Behind the Heart is a circle representing a Host. This idea is taken from St Gerard's Primary School badge, along with the Cross and lily. The Eucharist is the 'source and summit of our faith' and the centre of our Parish life.

- Lily- The logo also features a lily, again something closely associated with St Gerard and found in most images of our patron. A symbol of purity, they refer to a story told of when he was a younger man he would spend the last of the money he had to buy flowers for the altar trusting that God in his providence would provide for his other needs.


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