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Parish Hymn to St Gerard

Strong lover of the lance torn heart

of Jesus crucified

And lover too of all poor souls

for whom our saviour died


Saint of pity, saint of power,

Hear o hear me in this hour

Saint Gerard, pray for me,

Saint Gerard, pray for me.


In all my sorrow, all my pain

O lend swift aid and sure

Great wonder working saint of God,

Kind brother of the poor.


Dear patron of the prodigal

Who would forgiveness win.

Lead, lead me to my Father’s knee

And help me weep my sin.


Saint Gerard true to Mary pure,

And true to Mary’s child.

Pray that my soul by sin’s dark stain

Be never more defiled.

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Tel: 01698 842709

Email: sacredheartbellshill@rcdom.org.uk

Parish Priest: Rev. Stuart Parkes

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St Gerard's Church, 

Fleming Road, Bellshill, ML4 1NF

Sacred Heart Church,

106 Crossgates, Bellshill, ML4 2LB

Sacred Heart & St Gerard's is a Parish in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Motherwell.  ©2020 Sacred Heart & St Gerard's, Bellshill. Registered Charity Number SC011041. Privacy Policy.

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