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Father Niall Hayes was the first curate appointed to Sacred Heart Parish. He was from All Hallows Dublin and was name as assistant Priest of the newly found parish in September 1949. He was joined by Father Augustine McCauley who was appointed to Sacred Heart in September 1950 from Maynooth, Ireland.


In August 1953, Father William Boyle arrived at Sacred Heart as an Assistant. It was his first parish and his last, for just two weeks later (Sunday 23rd August) he was found dead in his bed. He was only 34 years of age. Fr Boyle had served in the Second World War for six years, moslty in India which impaired his health. Despite these health problems he was determined to become a priest and, after years of study, was ordained in Rome in July, 1952. In his sojourn at Sacred Heart Parish he endeared himself to all he met. On Tuesday 25th August, a large crowd of many denominations attended his funeral which took place at Sacred Heart Church then St Patrick's Cemetery, New Stevenston. A memorial stone erected by parishioners marks his grave. Father Boyle was born in Coatbridge in 1919 and was educated at Glasgow University and Scots College, Rome.


At the end of August 1953, Father William White arrived at Bellshill from Cork to succeed Father Boyle, remaining in Sacred Heart for twelve years.


Father McCauley was moved to St Bride's Cambuslang in 1955 and after a year there returned to Ireland, his six years loan period to Motherwell Diocese was over. Father McCauley was replaced at Sacred Heart by Father Kieran O'Farrell who arrived in the parish in 1955.


In 1958 Father Hayes moved to St Ignatius' Wishaw and Father James Ashe came to Bellshill as his replacement, remaining in the parish for thirteen years. In this same year, Father Heaney became Parish Priest.


Father O'Farrell moved to the Cathedral in 1959 being replaced by Father Hugh Beattie who, after a stay of two years, left to join the 'Paras' Regiment as Chaplain. Father Walter Scott took over from Father Beattie in 1961.


Father White was moved to St Augustine's, Coatbridge in 1965 and Father Scott's time at Sacred Heart also came to an end in 1965.


In 1965, Father John Delany came to Sacred Heart to begin his eight years of service in the Parish. Father Michael Martin had arrived the year before in 1964 and served for two years until 1966 and Father Leo Muldoon served from 1966 until 1967. 1967 also saw the arrival of Mgr Flannigan as Parish Priest.


Father Ashe, who had been a curate in Sacred Heart from 1958, left to become Parish Priest of St Michael's, Moodiesburn in 1971 and in the same year Father Timothy Brosnan arrived from St Margaret's Airdrie to replace him. The 1970's and early 1980's saw Fathers Brosnan, Kelly, O'Mahony and Millar all served for periods of five years. Father Hugh Kelly arrived in 1973 replacing Father John Delany. Father Humphrey O'Mahony was appointed in 1976 succeeding Father Brosnan. The newly ordained Father Thomas Millar joined in the parish in 1978 replacing Father Kelly. Father Millar was curate at the time of the 1982 Papal Visit and he had the great honour of being one of the Masters of Ceremonies at the Papal Mass.


Father Nicholas Dempsey arrived at Sacred Heart in 1982 and served for a period of five years. During his time, he was a very popular chaplain to Cardinal Newman High School. Father Dempsey left in 1987 when he moved to San Diego.


Father O'Mahony left in 1980, later becoming Parish Priest of St Mark's, Rutherglen and Father Millar moved on in 1983 to St Serf's Airdrie.


The 1980's saw Father James Nicol and Father Patrick Hynes both serve for two years, Father Nicol from 1980-1982 and Father Hynes from 1983-1985. Father John McMurray (1985-1986), Father Hugh Sheridan (1986-1987), Father James Davidson (1987-1988) and Father Edward O'Donnell (1987) each serve for around one year.


The period 1988 to 1996 saw several priests serving in the parish as curates. Father James Small and Father David Niven both served for only a few weeks. Father James Murray arrived in 1990 and served for one year as did Father Brian Lamb who arrived in 1995. Two Priests served for longer periods during this time, Father John Farrell who came to the parish in 1988 replacing Father Davidson and Father James Duddy who came in 1992. Both served for periods of almost five years.


In 1996 Father Charles Dornan was appointed to Sacred Heart Parish replacing Father Duddy. Father Dornan remained in the parish for four years until September 2000 when he was appointed to Our Lady & St Anne's Hamilton before being appointed Parish Priest of St Stephen's Coatbridge in January 2001.


Father Dornan was succeeded by Father Ivan Boyle who was curate at the time of the Golden Jubilee celebrations for the Parish Church.


Coming into the new millenium, Father Thomas Doyle came to Sacred Heart in 2002 succeeding Fr Boyle. In 2003 Father Doyle left to become Parish Priest of St Bride's, Bothwell and Father Stephen Rooney, who was ordained just a few years earlier in the next door Parish of St Gerard's, came to Sacred Heart.


Father Michael Brown was appointed curate in 2005 having served as an Army Chaplain. He remained in the parish for six years sevring as Chaplain to Cardinal Newman High School. In 2011 he was appointed Parish Priest of St Gerard's, Bellshill. Father Brown was not replaced meaning that for the first time since the founding of the parish, there were no curates in Sacred Heart Parish.

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